What Re.Ra.Ku offers

Stretching x Communication

Re.Ra.Ku's body care includes a lot of stretching.
Moving your body by stretching helps boost blood circulation and stave off fatigue.
Also, our clients and the CLPs assigned to them communicate all throughout treatment.
Clients' issues that they would not be able to find themselves are found with the pros' perspective,
and the ways to care for them are presented.

3 Approaches

01 Stretching How does your body change when you stretch?

If you don't move your body, your muscles stiffen and become rigid.
Rigid muscles put pressure on blood vessels, causing blood circulation failure, and waste products that cause fatigue build up.
By stretching, you move your muscles and make them flexible. Cells are moved that work like a pump, contracting and relaxing muscles.
By moving your muscles, waste products flow out more easily and you become less likely to get fatigued.

02 Shoulder blades Re.Ra.Ku's shoulder blade stretches are superb!

Re.Ra.Ku's shoulder blade stretches, an industry first, are gaining attention. This treatment method focusing primarily on the shoulder blades has been developed and improved consistently over time.

Re.Ra.Ku's body care, developed for over 15 years, is authentic stretching that has been praised by famous athletes active in competition.

03 Communication At Re.Ra.Ku, we place great importance on communicating with our clients, giving them personalized advice for both sound body and mind.

Our reason for doing this is so that we can provide deeper health support to clients by hearing their concerns about their body.

By clients fully communicating with their CLPs (therapists) during treatment, we are able to provide methods of care that best fit their physical issues.
Also, talking helps to relieve stress. Please keep communicating with your CLP, and refresh your body and mind.